Robotic cells

Robotic cells

DAN TECHNOLOGY, first in the world as built robotic systems with “sensitive” working units. This technology make easy the programming of the robot and guarantee perfect results during the workign process granting constant quality and quantity independently from geometrical changes of the pieces to be worked. The main characteristics of DAN TECHNOLOGY DE ANTONI working units is the patented automatic working pressure control system that permit an easy programming and a high and constanct quality of the parts. The advantages are as follow:

 Flexibility to adapt to geometrically different shapes of the pieces produced by foundry processes and that are not perfectly homogeneous, in order to achieve and keep constant the manufacturing process.

 Possibility of adjusting the working pressure according to the surface to be worked, for speeding up the cycle time, achieving the uniformity of the final quality and reducing the materials consumption.

 Capacity to work 100% autonomously without the need for the constant presence of an operator to load and unload the pieces, thereby reducing the unit cost of the system.

 Significant Savings on consumption materials.

DAN TECHNOLOGY has also developed a series of piece-holder benches to permit to use the robotic cells during the nights without having a direct surveillance by the operator.