DAN TECHNOLOGY - based his commercial policy on the trust relationship between supplier and Customer. Our Philosophy is “promise only what can be maintained”. Every request is very important for our commercial technicians that move directly on site to analyse the request in the best way to study and prepare the most suitable and reliable solution for the customer.


During the construction of the cell we organize programming and maintenance training for the customer. In this way, once the robotic cell will arrive to customer site the staff will be completely able to manage everything. The robotic cell is delivered to the customer “ready to work” that means completed of all the fixtures and the needed tools to put the machine on function. The training, fixtures and first kit of consumable are included in the sales price.


The installation and put on function is made 24 hours from the receipt. The assistance on the programming is direct with our company having also the possibility to use wi-fi. It's always available a technician to give fast support to the customer. All the new fixtures are built and delivered in a really short time at real costs with warranty of functioning