“The idea was born just like the others before that have entirely transformed a specific productive sector: the insight belongs to the few. It makes all the difference.”


In the late 1980's, companies were faced with a new “industrial revolution”, where the business rules had changed and the traditional solutions needed to be overhauled.
It's been said many times that necessity is the mother of all inventions and the new requirements of that time created the conditions for the genius to emerge. Innovation can be frightening, but furtune favors the bold! Sometimes daring is required in order to achieve greatness.
DAN TECHNOLOGY had the courage and because of this we were able to create an innovative new approach using robotics in the field of grinding and polishing where radical changes were not yet commonplace.
It was at that time that DAN TECHNOLOGY introduced the world's first robotic cells to be designed and produced using a breakthrough system that gave the end user a consistent, programmable control and management of the working pressures in real-time. This represented a new beginning and a new vision for the world of grinding and polishing on many different surfaces and in many different sectors.

DAN TECHNOLOGY was able to create and to prove all of this thanks to the earliest customers who trusted in us and who were able to understand how extraordinary in nature our innovation was. These customers made all of DAN TECHNOLOGY's ideas a reality.

Today, after the installation of over 1500 robotic cells all around the world, DAN TECHNOLOGY is proud to continue taking risks and overcoming difficulties that may arise. We are sure that this is not the end of that road, but is only still the beginning. We are ready to conquer new challenges and to create new ideas and new paths, always supported by those who believe in our capabilities.